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Fun with a purpose!

The organization brings together individuals committed to Old Dominion University and furthers opportunities for friendship among its members. ODUMCA encourages participation in the activities of, and thereby promotes, its educational mission and community leadership of the University. The organization works to stimulate interest in the University through its programs. Among these programs are volunteer activities, financial contributions and pro bono services to benefit the University's faculty, staff and students. A traditional activity is student scholarship funding. 

Members have the opportunity to get involved in the creation and development of our programs and fundraisers; and, are encouraged to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The organization offers a variety of Interest Groups that give the participants several chances to strengthen their bonds with each other through social interaction. Annual programs and selected activities help bring the entire membership together. 

Individuals associated with the University and/or community members interested in ODUMCA's purpose are eligible for membership. Payment of dues for the current academic fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) is required to vote and participate in the activities of the organization, including the Interest Groups. Life members, previously designated, are exempt from payment of dues but their donations are encouraged.

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