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'Tis The Season . . .

The 2022 Holiday Season is here.  Thanksgiving Day was a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the upper 50s.  Now that it's over, Christmas is only a few weeks away . . .  are you ready?

Enjoy your holiday season and make plans to join us in February for our 4th Annual Fundraiser:  Fashion Through the Ages.

*  Saturday, February 11, 2023, 11:30am

*  Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach

*  Fashion Show and Luncheon

*  Tickets $50 per person, Jill Keifer contact

   thekeifers@aol.com  757.567.4106, text   757.853.7465, call



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Purpose Statement

The organization brings together individuals committed to Old Dominion University and furthers opportunities for friendship among its members.  ODUMCA encourages participation in the activities of, and thereby promotes, its educational mission and community leadership of the University.  The organization works to stimulate interest in the University through its programs.  Among these programs are volunteer activities, financial contributions and pro bono services to benefit the University's faculty, staff and students. A traditional activity is student scholarship funding.

If you are not currently a member, it's very easy to join. Just click the Membership, Interest Groups, and Upcoming Activities tabs above to familiarize yourself with how we fulfill our purpose. Our members are constantly involved with having Fun with a Purpose!

Membership Dues are $30

      Checks payable:  ODUMCA

      Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 6263

                                  Nofolk, VA  23508

Don't delay, join ODUMCA today.

Buzzy Tabb-2021 FWR

Buzzy Tabb remained an active member of ODUMCA from the mid-1950s until her death in 2022.  At 97, Buzzy was our oldest member who continued to participate in our programs.  She joined us for the last time at our 2021 Fall Welcoming Reception.

Daffodils were her favorite flower so to honor her memory arrangements were made to plant a bed of daffodils on campus.  The bulbs were planted Monday, November 21st.  The location is the intersection of Bolling Avenue and Bluestone, directly across from where Bluestone and Monterey intersect.  

This project is still in the developmental stages and should be completed by next spring when the daffodils begin to bloom.

Walda, Buzzy, Tabb - 2021 Fall Welcoming Reception

IHelping to make a difference as we support

the University and the Monarch Nation!